rear hugger carbon Ducati Monster S2R S4R

Item number 001BDS4R

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  • Ducati Monster S2R 800, S2R 1000, S4R, S4R S
  • mountable without drilling holes in the swingarm.
  • no removing the rear wheel to mount the hugger
  • covers the lower swingarm too
  • 100% real carbon fiber
  • made in germany
  • no cheap wet lay up -unlike others!
  • The hugger comprises on 2 parts (bracket + hugger). At first you install the bracket to the existing 3 holes (brakefluidline)in the swing arm. After this is done you fix the hugger with 2 bolts (incl.) on the bracket.
Ducati Monster S2R 800
Ducati Monster S2R 1000
Ducati Monster S4R
Ducati Monster S4R S