An idea, which originally started in a small private cellar is now a thriving company and a finished product made into reality. "The attention to detail and implementation are our motivation," explained Christoph Zimmermann (company owner). Our distinction to our competitors is that we have an in-house development department, in which we design and test our components. In addition, we control our sales directly via our website. Every day we supply dealers and retailers from our large warehouse in Witzeeze (Northern Germany). Our small business structure allows us to offer competitive prices in a high quality standard. We do 70% of our sales outside Germany, so we are a quite international based company.

For almost 15 years we produce carbon fibre products for Italian motorcycles. It’s a pleasure to create the finest accessories for a beautiful bike even to make it more breathtaking. When new models come out on the market, we buy the bikes for the mould-making department and get started. We always use a carbon fiber weave (200 gr. 3K plain), which the manufacturer in oem production requires. So we take care that the surface is quite identical to our products. Additionally, we started to apply the ABE 6 years ago, which is necessary on European road system. Our partner is the German TÜV-Nord, which helps us to make safe products. We produce a wide range of special products in our own factory in Germany, we do also have a long term partnership with many suppliers who care about quality and which offer a high end autoclave, prepreg production system.

Since 2011 we have an active partnership with the brands Ducabike, Vulturbike, CNC Racing from Italy. Our long experience allows us to support high-end aftermarket products for Italian bikes as well. We combine the fine line of carbon fiber parts and also the high quality products from Italian brands, which is quite successful.