CNC Racing

clutch slave cylinder red CNC Racing for Ducati Panigale

Item number AF286R

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  • will fit for following bikes: Ducati Panigale
  • colour: red
  • material:high-strength/ billet aluminum
  • brand/producer: cncracing
  • location of production: Arezzo -made in italy-
  • features:demesion from the cylinder is 28mm

    Clutch slave cylinder , don‘t know that? On long trips or in the traffic of the city, the forearm hurts very quickly from coupling and breaking or does your clutch slave cylinder leak from time to time? That is no longer a problem. He is a bestseller: our smooth running clutch slave cylinder by cncracing. The body is milled from one block. High-quality aluminium is used. 30% less effort by using the clutch lever. Furthermore, you receive a beautiful tuning part which satisfies the high standard of the Ducati driver.